Google Local Inventory Ad Price Guarantee Policy

Carter’s will match the Google Local Inventory Ad (“LIA”) advertised price in any of our retail stores on identical items. Not valid at Carter’s stores. Item must be identical in all aspects, including but not limited to style, color, brand, and size. Advertised item and price match must currently be valid and have not expired. Price guarantee subject to availability of item where customer visits. Price of item may vary by store location so price guarantee is based on store visited. To receive LIA price in store, customer must present proof of the current LIA advertised price through print version or mobile/digital (e.g. phone) and store may verify. Online only items will not be subject to price guarantee in store. The price guarantee excludes previous purchases. For additional information, see a store associate or contact Carter’s customer service. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Policy subject to change at any time in Carter’s sole discretion.